Magnetic Separators

Magnetic separators offer a unique way of protecting down stream quality and equipment from ferrous contamination.

Permanent magnetic separators, when correctly designed and aligned, can save your operating budget and reduce overheads. Once installed, they work efficiently, without the need for electricity. Perfect for reliably ensuring product quality and protecting machinery from damage. 

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Plate Magnets

Plate Magnets are designed to remove Tramp Iron from Production Lines to reduce maintenance on down stream machinery by removing unwanted ferrous tramp iron that can damage expensive cutting tools, crushers and hammer mills and to also improve...

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Tube Magnets

Tube Magnets made to your specifications. Ideal for use in the Food Industry, values in excess of 10,000 gauss, supplied with certification if required. Our Gauss Meters are Certified Yearly and we offer an in-house or on site Certification Service...

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Magnetic Head Roller

Make your manufacturing process safer and simpler with magnetic head roller magnets. We can either convert your existing head roller, or manufacture new ones. Ring magnets are inserted into the roller, allowing the product to fall off the conveyor, leaving behind the unwanted ferrous materials.

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